The Glass Castle — Memoir

August 27th, 2015
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Jeannette WallsAuthor Jeannette Walls


I became aware of this amazing book in the same way that I learn about lots of good things: through my friends.

I’m not sure how I missed this powerful story because The Glass Castle was published in 2005, received numerous awards and was a New York Times Bestseller for three years.

But the important thing is that I did find out about it.  And once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop.

The Glass Castle is a revealing story that I came to think of as Resilience 101. 

I say this because when I read … Read More

Finding Grief Support

October 24th, 2012
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I recently went back to the beginning of Cry Laugh Heal and read my the first post from 2010 and it brought all the crazy grieving feelings back to me: exhaustion, numbness, raw emotions, the scary future and sometimes even laughter! But it also reminded how great my support group was during that time and how it gave me the priceless gift of hope and helped me feel that life really would get better (somehow?!?!) even though my sweetheart of a husband died.  As I met with my small group twice a month, some sessions were incredibly upsetting and some… Read More