Paycheck to Paycheck

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I know several people who work for the federal government. Putting aside the political debate about why the government is currently shutdown, this is a time of anxiety for many of these people and their families. These people work hard and approach their jobs in a professional manner and now find themselves in an awful… Read more »

All Things Kate Spade

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Fashion Designer Kate Spade/Photo Courtesy of Variety “Oh My God.  Have you heard about Kate Spade?” “I’m so sad and mad about the Kate Spade news.  How could she do that?” “Wow. I just heard about Kate Spade.  Unbelievable.” Kate Spade’s recent and surprising death is a tragedy on so many levels: that she lost her… Read more »

Mindful Driving

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  Driving down 95. Windows down. Fresh air swirling. Alicia Keys full volume. Girl is bomb. Breathing deeply. Deeply breathing. Mind wandering. Discarding negative. Embracing change for warmer times. T-shirts, shorts & flip-flops. Welcoming new season. Staying in moment. Inhale. Exhale. Feeling healthy. Feeling stronger. Feeling ready. Grateful.