August 27th, 2018
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Since it’s Monday and that fact on it’s own may make it difficult to get going, I thought I would share a song that always make me feel upbeat.

Listening to John Legend’s smooth velvety voice in this song, “A Good Night,” is a definite stress buster but I think there’s something extra reassuring when I hear him sing the words — as though he is telling me personally — “Everything’s gonna be all right.”

In the song, Legend sings that he thinks everything’s gonna be all right because he thinks he just met his wife.  But for our purposes, we could replace the word “wife” with any word that works better for us.

Anything that helps you feel at peace with the world and other people.

Anything that helps make you feel positive and goes toward creating a healthy life.

Anything that promotes healing and well-being.

You could say:

— I think I just met my blessed day,

— I think I just met my best friend,

— I think I just met my forever lover,

— I think I just met my wildest dream,

— I think I just met my righteous life.

Whatever works for you.

Have fun with it because listening to music is always a stress buster.

I hope this catchy song ignites some energy for you.

If stressful thoughts happen to enter your mind today, simply observe them while humming your song and without getting too caught up in the tension of the moment, tell yourself that everything’s gonna be all right!


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