October 26th, 2015
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If you are anything like me, I have a tendency to overindulge on sweet treats over the weekends.  Especially now that Halloween candy seems to be everywhere!!

Is it me or does it seem that right around the holidays the sugar manufacturers manage to introduce some new combination of ooey, gooey chocolatey temptation that we really don’t need but have to try?

I try hard to crank up the amount of exercise I do every day to counteract the extra weekend calories but it just seems to get harder every year to work off those extra LBs.

It’s a never ending battle but I’m not giving up.

This past weekend the weather was absolutely beautiful and I took the opportunity to reboot my busy brain and my reluctant body by getting in one long five mile stretch of a walk which felt so great!!  Walking may seem like a simple exercise but it is something most people can do and it can get you in shape for other kinds of physical activities such as biking.

Maybe I can’t exercise on a daily basis for as long as I would like but doing something every day for at least 15 minutes is better than me sitting in front of the television and thinking about how I should move my butt.  I really do feel physically better when I exercise.  The trick is getting myself started and moving in the right direction.

I remind myself that I definitely have more energy when I walk or run on a regular basis and I’m also doing good things for my skin by sweating out some of those bad boy toxins from my system.

For the kiddos, it’s never too early to get them playing and exercising with you or their friends.  If they can crawl, they can move and pretty soon they will run circles around you.  By encouraging your kids to get out and move around, you are helping them develop a life long healthy habit that reduces their risk for heart disease, diabetes and even some kinds of cancer.

According to Harvard Medical School, your goal should be to walk five times a week, for about 30 minutes a day if you really want to loose weight and keep it off.

And that’s exactly what two very smart and very successful local women from Washington,DC, recently did.  Katherine Berman and Sophie LaMontagne of the famous cupcakery franchise Georgetown Cupcake lost a combined total of 100 lbs walking five times a week!  And they work in a bakery!!

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely inspired by their story.  They look fabulous!! If I worked in a bakery I have no idea what I would weigh but I know it would be a lot more than I weigh now.  I’m sure I would be way off the scales because I can never turn down a delicious Georgetown Cupcake, especially Vanilla Squared!!

Shape magazine recently did an interview with the two sisters who committed to being walking buddies besides working closely to run their six national stores and they shared their tips with the magazine and ABC’s Good Morning America on how they lost the 100 pounds over nine months just by walking.

Check out Katherine and Sophie’s weight loss story and hopefully it will kick you into exercise mode as it did for me!

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