Bridget’s Affirmation

December 13th, 2013
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When one of my nieces was three years old, she started going to nursery school for part of the day a few times a week.  Her mother (my sister) knew that while she was at school she would start to miss Mommy at some point so she taught her daughter to say to herself, “There is no need to cry.  Everything will be all right.  Mommy will be right back.”
My sister was ahead of her time because she was teaching my niece to say an affirmation to herself even though she didn’t know what an affirmation was or what … Read More

Your Inner Artist

September 28th, 2012
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Free Your Inner Artist Without any notice, life can change direction.  Finding that you have to suddenly walk down a new path can be scary. One of the ways that I have found to deal with life’s anxieties is to do something creative.  Being creative can take you out of yourself.  Working with your hands — whether gardening, painting, writing, playing a musical instrument, crafting, sewing or cooking — allows your mind to take a rest from what is happening in your life. Doing something artistic also allows you to express your emotions and possibly bring about healing. Sometimes, things… Read More