Mental Relaxation

January 8th, 2013
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 Planes, trains, cars and boats are not always at the ready to take us to dreamy destinations.
Work, finances and other life responsibilities sometimes get in the way of traveling even though everyone needs take occasional breaks from their surroundings, especially if life is particularly stressful or painful.
You can’t always take a vacation even if you really need or want one.
But you can read a book.
I saw this wonderful saying from Dr. Suess (posted above) on one of my favorite websites, The Silver Pen ( and was reminded of the magical healing power of reading … Read More

Autumn Ivy

September 13th, 2012
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A Calming Thought For The Day. . . Autumn Ivy by Ogata Kenzan Even as it envelops me it is not mine, this autumn: that wind blowing through the pines, I regret how it makes them fall – the leaves, the scarlet leaves of ivy.… Read More