SWF Seeks Replacement Husband

February 9th, 2012
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I found this touching and beautifully written story, SWF Seeks Replacement Husband, on Hello Grief (http://www.hellogrief.org/), one of the many blogs I follow.
As I read it, I can sense the author gathering her inner strength as she transitions from widow to a single woman on the dating scene.
It’s not easy out there and I give the author a lot of credit for her honesty.
“Online dating?” I said, trying to keep the sound of horror out of my voice. “Seems impersonal.”
“It’s kind of fun,” my colleague was saying. “You write a profile … Read More

Julie Potter — Sibley Hospital Angel

July 1st, 2011
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I write today about a special woman named Julie Potter who played a pivotal role in putting me and many others on the path to resilience. Today is Julie’s last day at Sibley Hospital and I know that she will be missed quite a lot; especially by me!!!!!  True to her nature, Julie always downplays her valuable contributions and the vast resources she has set up at Sibley to help others. Besides her primary responsibilities at Sibley’s Senior Services department, Julie also oversees the Widowed Persons Outreach (WPO) bereavement group.  For 21 years, Julie has reached out to help people… Read More