A June Morning

June 1st, 2012
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Memories Look At Me

By Tomas Transtromer
A June morning, too soon to wake,
too late to fall asleep again.
I must go out — the greenery is dense
with memories, they follow me with their gaze.
They can’t be seen, they merge completely into
the background, true chameleons.
They are so close that I can hear them breathe
though the birdsong is deafening.… Read More

Never Lose Hope

May 3rd, 2012
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I am always searching for ways to simplify my life and focusing my outlook on the positive. When I read this quote from Pulitzer Prize winner Tomas Transtromer, the beauty of his message struck me immediately and brought to mind the flittering and lightness of butterflies. As we read Transtromer’s quote, may we think of ourselves today as butterflies, circling through the air with our friends and family, full of the knowledge that in time we can create a new future and develop new meaning from a personal loss. “The caterpillar feet were gone, the wings unfolded.   One should never… Read More