June 6th, 2016
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dancing feet


Here’s a thought to keep you going as we begin a new week.

Dancing is about motion and being attuned to your body as it discovers new and different ways of communing with music.  Listening for the rhythm of musicals sounds and having all of your body melt into the feeling of it.

Dancing is also being mentally attuned to where you want you body to be as you listen to the range of sounds within the music and how you want the movement of your body to flow from one step to the next.

With practice, you gain confidence and more control over your mind and body as the music of life plays out for you.

Here’s a thought about dancing and being in today that brings me a feeling of stability.  I could not find the author of this wonderful thought and if you are aware of who wrote this, please let me know:

To Dance…….. 

I will do all that I can,

with whatever I have,

wherever I am…..

And I’ll let

good enough

be good enough.

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