Ask The Lightning Bugs

June 15th, 2017
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Many would say that the oppressive heat that has been visiting the Washington, DC area is proof.

Or they might say that the proof is in the feast of freshly picked juicy strawberries that fill the local grocery stores and farmer’s markets.

On the other hand, the roses and hydrangeas are bursting in bloom and that could also be proof.

But for me, the proof that Summer is here is the seemingly instant appearance of lightning bugs that tease and flit through the warm summer air.

I saw the first ones of Summer the other night when I went … Read More

A June Morning

June 1st, 2012
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Memories Look At Me By Tomas Transtromer A June morning, too soon to wake, too late to fall asleep again. I must go out — the greenery is dense with memories, they follow me with their gaze. They can’t be seen, they merge completely into the background, true chameleons. They are so close that I can hear them breathe though the birdsong is deafening.… Read More