June 15th, 2017
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Many would say that the oppressive heat that has been visiting the Washington, DC area is proof.

Or they might say that the proof is in the feast of freshly picked juicy strawberries that fill the local grocery stores and farmer’s markets.

On the other hand, the roses and hydrangeas are bursting in bloom and that could also be proof.

But for me, the proof that Summer is here is the seemingly instant appearance of lightning bugs that tease and flit through the warm summer air.

I saw the first ones of Summer the other night when I went outside to water the plants in my front yard.  What did I ask the lightning bugs? I closed my eyes and thought, Yes.  Please be a positive sign that something good may reveal itself this Summer.  I waited for a response but they paid no attention to me and continued to fly about holding on to the secrets of Summer.

My eyes followed the fireflies as they darted about; there’s one and there’s another one and another one.

It brought back wonderful summer memories of childhood; of running around at night with the other children in the neighborhood, giggling and shouting; each of us holding a glass jar in one hand and the lid in the other.

Catching lightning bugs.

Then watching them settle inside the jar and magically light up.

It looked something like this.

The epitome of not having a care in the world.

A Midsummer’s Night Dream of Innocence.

Summer is my very favorite season and standing on the lawn the other night while watching the bugs spontaneously light up green and then not, yellow and then not, the fairy like atmosphere took away some of the worries and stresses of my day and made me yearn for the chance to lay in the grass and watch the enchanting lightning bugs glow and talk to each other in the warmth and quiet of the beautiful night.

What things do you look for as a sign that Summer has finally arrived?

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