In a Galaxy Far Far Away

July 16th, 2015
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Photo Courtesy of NASA

Photo of Pluto Courtesy of NASA


I had an unexpected flashback Tuesday as NASA began releasing brand-new pictures of Pluto.

When I first saw the amazingly clear photo of the brownish white so called “dwarf-planet” Pluto, I got excited and thought, “Oh I have to call Tommy.”

Wow.  I even surprised myself with my reaction to that one.  As though nothing had changed.

Except everything has changed and I think I had that immediate thought of calling my husband because for decades he expertly covered and beautifully wrote in national newspapers and magazines about science and space issues … Read More

Moon Landing

July 20th, 2013
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Today marks the 44th anniversary of man walking on the moon. It is a historic date and a landmark event that people today still use as a standard or a call for national action on an issue as in “if we put a man on the moon then why we can’t we…….” I think most people remember where they were when the moon walk happened. With all the lights off in the living room of my parents beach cottage, my siblings, our parents and I watched the incredible, once-in-a-lifetime event live on television with the rest of the world.  We… Read More

Sally Ride

July 24th, 2012
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Sally Ride “What’s it like to be in space?”  “Is it scary?”  Is it cold?”  “Do you have trouble sleeping?” These are the first sentences from a wonderful book that astronaut Sally Ride wrote in 1986 with her childhood friend, Dr. Susan Oakie, who once was a medical reporter for The Washington Post. Everyone always has tons of questions about what it feels like to be in space and Ride and Oakie’s book, titled To Space & Back, was written to give children a sense of what it feels like to circle the Earth, experience being weightless and even how… Read More