Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2014
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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Falling in love and being loved is just so oh-la-la isn’t it?

May your heart expand today with the joy of being with your Valentine or having great memories of a special Valentine who may no longer be with you.

I’m sending this song out today to Valentines around the globe:

Nora Ephron

June 28th, 2012
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Nora Ephron By Michel Arnaud/Corbis As the very sad news broke that Nora Ephron had died at the age of 71 from acute myeloid leukemia, it was immediately apparent from reading people’s tweets and posted comments that Ephron’s death was a tragic surprise and no one wanted to accept the dismal fact that we would no longer be able to look forward to the creation of another amazing, magical piece of work from her. As Vanity Fair writer David Kamp declared, “…New York without Nora Ephron is just plain wrong.” Her writing was sophisticated yet straightforward and she had a… Read More

Sleepless in Seattle

June 11th, 2012
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Tom Hanks and Ross Malinger When I watch the hysterically funny but poignant movie, “Sleepless in Seattle,” one of my favorite scenes is when the character played by actress Rita Wilson tries to explain to  the character played by actor Tom Hanks and the other guys gathered round the table exactly why the incredibly romantic movie “An Affair To Remember” is only truly understood by women. Rita Wilson starts to repeat dialogue from “An Affair To Remember” and sets up the scenes with Deborah Kerr (is it pronounced “Kerr” or Carr? I never can remember…”) and Cary Grant.  Then she… Read More