August 4th, 2014
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This may sound weird but listening to songs about summer is a refuge for me.

It’s a total sensory gut reaction.  As in when I hear a summer song that clicks within me, I mentally escape reality for a short time and my inner self begins to calm and heal.  It’s musical magic and for a few minutes the world full of noise is blocked out as I play my summer song over and over and over.

You would think I was a teenager who just developed her first crush because I just won’t let go of it.  The winning combination of words and music washes over me, absorbing the unique feeling the song evokes and I let it erase  my worries and stress.  If you have summer songs that you consider your “go to” mellow out summer songs, please tell me about them because I love discovering new music.

So as we roll into the first work week of August, please click on the title links below and they will take you to my three classic healing summer music tracks (in no particular order) which always happens to transport me to a place of perfect harmony:

Ace of Base — Cruel Summer

Ace of Base -- Cruel Summer


I know the popular girl group, Bananarama, originally recorded this 1980’s classic song about city summer loneliness but I like Ace of Base’s version better because it has an edgier beat.

Sly & The Family Stone — Hot Fun In The Summertime

Sly and The Family Stone

Boy does this funky song takes me back to the summer of 1969 and that’s all I have to say about that summer!

The Summer Wind — Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra -- Summer Wind

Love.  My late husband’s love.  Summer Wind is all about falling in love, being at the beach with the one you love and then getting your heart broken at the end of summer.  Two sweethearts and the summer wind!!!!


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