August 29th, 2012
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My son drywalling in New Orleans

The people who live in the magical city of New Orleans know about resilience.  In fact, Webster’s dictionary should probably publish a picture of the city of New Orleans next to the word “resilience” to add depth to the word’s definition.

Residents of New Orleans have proved over and over that they do have an incredible inner strength that gives them the “can-do” attitude to forge ahead and bounce back from natural disasters, the worst of which was Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and now is Hurricane Isaac.
The rebuilding of New Orleans after Katrina is a cause that is close to my heart because my son traveled there twice and spent time clearing debris, painting houses, drywalling and even doing some tilework to help in that effort. He said reaching out to help and meet the people who owned the houses they worked on and walking through the communities that Katrina destroyed was heartbreaking but also rewarding and educational.
I am hoping and praying for the safety of the city and its people because I never want to turn on the television again and see the devastation and desperation that aired when news stories showed New Orleans and its thousands of abandoned citizens after Katrina hit the city and caused millions of dollars in damage.
True to its spirit, New Orleans has taken more than its fair share from Mother Nature and has endured, as it will no matter what Isaac throws its way.  May the rebuilt and restrengthened levees hold back the deluge of rain because New Orleans definitely deserves a break!

My son (in sunglasses) and his friends


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