July 18th, 2014
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I’ve been cranky.  I’ve been restless.

I need a time out.

Don’t send me to a corner.  Instead, please send me to the beach.

beach kites

The beach is my healing place.  My happy place.

It’s the place where I fill up my emotional reserves (which are now entering the red warning zone indicating that I am almost out of fuel and will soon be operating on fumes) and also let all of the kinks and stress knots in my body unwind and hopefully disappear.

This is my wordy way of telling you that I am going on vacation and intend to unplug a bit while I enjoy the soothing sounds of the ocean surf and the swoosh of the sand as it pulls away from the beach.  The daily chaos of life has taken its toll and I know I need an essential break from all of it for the following reasons:

Change of Scenery — This one is easy peazy.  It’s time to stop working in front of the computer, sitting in rush hour traffic and running around trying to meet deadlines and instead let my eyes rest on the beautiful ocean, sand dunes and a book of my choosing.

Change of Pace — Sleeping past my usual wake up time.  Take a leisurely walk.  Falling asleep on the beach while I read and listen to the ocean and bask in the warmth of the sun.  Don’t worry.  I will either be under an umbrella or slathered in sun lotion.

Change of Heart — Not too much seems very funny to me right now and that’s a bad sign.  I intend to rest and surrender to the sand, sun and salt.  I need to hang out with my friends and lighten my emotional load and live with an open heart.

So Resilient Readers, as always, I appreciate and love your support and for stopping by Cry Laugh Heal.


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