June 5th, 2014
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We all have sat through graduation ceremonies that we thought would never end.

The reading of the names of the graduates seems to go on and on and I usually zone out until I hear the name of the person that I care about.  Then I suddenly pay attention, take a few pictures and clap and yell for the graduate I know.

But as mundane and routine as a graduation ceremony can sometimes be, think about the families behind each one of those names and the hours of work and the years of love and constructive support that went into getting that person to this point in their life.

And also think about the absence of a person who was supposed to graduate with their class but then sadly dies because of an accident or perhaps a disease and never sees this day.  Where does that family put those feelings of lost expectations and even anger that their child is not with their friends walking across the stage to receive a diploma?

One incredible mother answers that question in a direct and heartbreaking manner.  She wrote an open letter to her son’s classmates and posted it on her Facebook page.  Her beautifully written letter blew me away.  Here is Gisela Voss’  letter to her deceased son, Luke Voss-Kernan:


Luke Voss-Kernan Photo Courtesy of The Boston Globe

Luke Voss-Kernan
Photo Courtesy of The Boston Globe

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