February 6th, 2012
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Ron Antonelli/New York Daily News

Part of healing and jumping back into the regular routine of life is finding something to care about.  It can be anything in the whole universe and you can change it anytime you want.

Yesterday, for me, it was the New York Giants and their 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots.

The Super Bowl party I attended was loose and friendly in the beginning of the game but it became a little more tense in the fourth quarter as the clock ticked away and the game looked like it would be decided by one or two key plays.  Giants fans were definitely in the minority at the party but I was committed.  I have written in previous posts about how my husband was a hard core fan and I truly thought the Giants were the better team.
It was a fantastic game, hard fought and well played.  In their second Super Bowl matchup in five seasons, Eli Manning and the Giants triumphed over Tom Brady and the Patriots, with Ahmad Bradshaw scoring a touchdown in the closing minute of the fourth quarter that pushed the Giants to a victory.

This might be a stretch but I do get the take away lesson of watching the determination of two teams playing against each other in a Super Bowl game and the laser focus of athletes.  Their competition can be infectious in a good way because they are digging down to find the best within themselves even when the odds may be against them.  For us, such energy can serve to jump start our desire to move forward and help us with the daily acts of coping and rebuilding while dealing with the unexpected changes in our lives.

The small decisions do build upon themselves and in turn, gives us hope and resilience.  Thanks, Eli!
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