October 5th, 2015
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cropped table scape

 Baby Shower Table Scape

Notice the whale as centerpiece


My Mom and I hosted a baby shower for my niece yesterday and it was healing in a fun way to pause with my other sisters and close relatives to celebrate the arrival of a new family member.

I think it’s always good news when a baby is on the way; beginnings are always exciting and so full of hope!

At the shower we had an advice jar where people wrote their tips on slips of paper for my helping my niece transition to motherhood.  Here are a few examples of the advice they passed along:

— Take a nap when the baby naps;

— Try to get outside if you can;

— Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

My favorite was when I asked a 3-year-old little girl at the shower what we should do when the baby arrives.  Without hesitation, she said to me,” Be with the baby!”

Well, of course!  I should have thought of that!! Silly me!

My niece and her husband know that the baby is going to be a boy and they has decided to decorate the baby’s room in a whale theme.  We had a lot of fun with making jokes about whales (Whale hello there!, It’s going to be a whale of a baby and and Whale Ahoy! The baby’s crying!) and any other silly nautical saying we could come up with.


baby jars

Baby Shower Favors: My sister, Sheila, used navy Mason jars, 

placed whale stickers on the front,

tied rope around the top and stuffed the jars with peppermints!


For me, the event was a reminder of how motherhood is a humbling yet exciting adventure!  Can’t wait to meet my niece’s baby!

Hope your weekend was lots of fun too!

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