May 26th, 2014
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Memorial Day signals the beginning the summer.  Time to uncover the grills, open the windows, plant some flowers, enjoy the warmer temperatures and find a place to display the patriotic red white and blue of our beautiful American flag.

I love the design of the American flag and never tire of seeing it.  Whether flying on a flag pole, painted on canvas, magnatized on a car bumper, planted in the ground or tatooed on human skin, the stars and stripes, the red, white and blue of it, always makes me think twice about being lucky enough to be born in America and the freedoms we enjoy and yes, the freedoms we sometimes take for granted.

After I mowed  the lawn on Saturday and finished weeding, the yard looked great but I felt there was something missing.  Our American flag.  I went downstairs to retrieve it from storage.  It hadn’t been outside since Labor Day and it felt good to practice the holiday flag ritual of unrolling it, placing it in its’ metal holder on the front of the house and then letting it fly free and loose in the summer breeze.

I look around my neighborhood as my flag joins many other flags displayed up and down the street and thousands of others across the nation connected in a spirit of patriotism:

Courtesy of Huffington Post

Courtesy of Huffington Post

I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend, cherishing the memories of those you loved who may have lost their lives while in military service, and hugging those who are still with us and continuing to serve.  This weekend is a time to remember those brave and heroic men and women who gave their lives and continue to put their lives on the lines to defend our country and keep it safe.  It’s also a time to remember the families of those service people who step up to the plate every day and support those selflessly defend our country.

Thank you for your service.

Thank you for your sacrifices.




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