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May 31st, 2016
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kicking water

How was your Memorial Day weekend?  Having that extra day was the best!

I hope it was relaxing and the holiday weekend went pretty much the way you had planned it.

Before I continue with thoughts about Memorial Day weekend, let me say I am feeling bad about being away from Cry Laugh Heal recently and not posting as often as I would prefer.  I have not forgotten AT ALL about you or the ongoing dialogue we’ve started about working through our grief feelings while also trying to create new lives after the death of a loved one.

However, I … Read More

First Birthday In Heaven

May 25th, 2015
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Today may be your first Memorial Day without a loved one. My heart goes out to you and your family as you try to process the overwhelming feelings of loss while also trying to figure out how to go on with your lives.  How can you make your way down this long, winding and sometimes brutal path?  It’s a path you do not want and yet, even as you try to reject it, you find it is one you are slowly learning to walk. ou may feel alone but you are not.  You are loved and many want to offer… Read More

American Flags Flying Free

May 26th, 2014
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Memorial Day signals the beginning the summer.  Time to uncover the grills, open the windows, plant some flowers, enjoy the warmer temperatures and find a place to display the patriotic red white and blue of our beautiful American flag. I love the design of the American flag and never tire of seeing it.  Whether flying on a flag pole, painted on canvas, magnatized on a car bumper, planted in the ground or tatooed on human skin, the stars and stripes, the red, white and blue of it, always makes me think twice about being lucky enough to be born in… Read More

Freedom & Bravery on Memorial Day

May 27th, 2013
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The smell of charcoal lighter fluid has been heavy in the air in my neighborhood this weekend which means that the grilling season is now officially open. Cookouts and parades are just two of the many ways we Americans mark the holiday of Memorial Day, a day when we pause and remember the bravery of the Americans soldiers who are thankfully still with us and those who are sadly deceased because without them we would not have the freedom to enjoy such leisure and peace. American flag displayed at Vietnam Veterans Memorial I recall as a teenager when the draft… Read More

Memorial Day & Rolling Thunder

May 28th, 2012
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Soldiers place American flags in front of the headstones at Arlington National Cemetary Today on Memorial Day, I want to pause and say “Thank you” to all the men and women and their families who make immense sacrifices every day so that we may live free and practice democracy in the United States of America. Putting your life on the line is the ultimate way of giving back and today’s volunteer Army does more than its share because men and women usually do more than one tour of duty.  The physical and mental toll of combat continues after they return… Read More