May 28th, 2012
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Soldiers place American flags in front of the headstones
at Arlington National Cemetary
Today on Memorial Day, I want to pause and say “Thank you” to all the men and women and their families who make immense sacrifices every day so that we may live free and practice democracy in the United States of America.

Putting your life on the line is the ultimate way of giving back and today’s volunteer Army does more than its share because men and women usually do more than one tour of duty.  The physical and mental toll of combat continues after they return home and we as a country don’t do a very good job of supporting these brave people and their families.

In the nation’s capital, the roar of a half-million motorcycles in the city and the surrounding metropolitan area signals the annual Memorial Day weekend arrival of  a veterans group called Rolling Thunder.  Beginning in the 80’s, Rolling Thunder travels to Washington, DC on Memorial Day weekend to call attention to America’s veterans and prisoners of war (POW).  On the Mall, around the monuments, on the Beltway and in the city’s parks, Rolling Thunder is a friendly presence.  Motorcycles, leather and denim are everywhere and people honk their car horns and wave to show support.

I love it when Rolling Thunder is here.  They remind us what Memorial Day is all about.

Today, Rolling Thunder will mark the holiday by holding its’ annual motorcycle rally and parade which begins at the Pentagon and end nears the Vietnam Veteran Memorial commonly known as “The Wall” for its simple black granite walls listing the names of those who died fighting for us in Vietnam.

Thank you for your service!  May God continue to bless America!

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