October 20th, 2014
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I know Mondays can be painful.

Today was one of those Monday mornings when I turned and looked at the alarm clock and just cursed it something nasty because I wasn’t  ready to get up and go.  Today I have an early appointment and needed to get out of bed to start my morning routine earlier than usual so maybe that’s why I’m feeling a bit cranky but still, time is precious and I am committed to making this a productive day.

For no day is a day that should be hurried along.  Monday needs to roll out at its own pace. And in its own way.

So here’s to being inspired at the beginning of a new work week and breaking new ground today in our personal and work lives.

Girl Water_Slide_md

I find Tina Fey, the infamous, multi-talented author, actor, producer and former Saturday Night Live comedian to be inspirational so how about we take a page from her New York Times bestseller, Bossypants, to guide us through today:

“You can’t be

that kid standing

at the top of

the waterslide,

overthinking it.

You have to go down

the chute.

~Tina Fey

Let’s go for it and make Monday special!!

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