February 1st, 2016
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In the interest of sharing the dark and the light of daily happenings, today’s post is about the things that life delivers to you and you just stand there and say “Why???????  Why the F is this happening to me????????”

This past Saturday I was looking forward to my weekly yoga class since the blizzard had cancelled classes for the previous weekend.  The delivery of almost two feet of snow to the Washington, DC area had made everything much harder to do.  Driving was impossible in some parts of Maryland and the District of Columbia, the snow melted and then iced up and parking spaces filled up with walls of snow pushed into place by the plows.

Yoga was just what I needed and I felt a sense of relaxation as I left class and began walking towards my car parked only two blocks away.  Breathing deeply and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face I thought about almost nothing at all, just enjoying the moment of not having to rush anywhere to fulfill any obligations.

I listened to the crunch of the snow and ice as my car came into sight and I pulled the key out of my purse ready to unlock the door and drive to the grocery store.

But then you know when you see something but you’re not really sure you are seeing what is in front of you?

Standing in front of my white car I see two or three black and grey pieces of plastics laying on top of the car hood along with a cracked and broken mirror.  Say what?

I look on the car windshield.  Surely someone left a note.  A piece of paper under the windshield wiper.  Something quickly written that tells me someone didn’t mean to do this and I can call them for insurance information.

Come on.  There has to be something.  If somebody had the time to get out of their car, pick up the pieces of my driver’s side mirror and arrange them on the hood of my car, then someone had the time to write a note, right?

Nope. Nothing. Nada. Not one piece of information anywhere.

I tried to draw on my feelings of newly acquired Zen.  The irony of finding my messed up car after yoga did not escape me.  There is no way I could drive the car without a side view mirror on the driver’s side.  I sat inside the car for about 10 minutes thinking maybe a neighbor would come out and tell me they had seen what happened.

But no one came.

I have included a picture above of my stripped down car mirror so you can see for yourself what happened.

Great, I thought to myself.  Just another problem that needs to be solved by me.  I obviously can’t change what happened so let’s not waste any more time.  A car repair service center about 15 minutes from my parking spot and I cautiously, oh so cautiously drove it there since I had no vision on the left side of my car.

Since it was Saturday and I didn’t have an appointment and everybody and his brother needed their car fixed, I waited a number of hours for a loaner car which I finally did receive.  Thank goodness for that!

Who knows why these things happen.  Really.

Thanks so much for listening and letting me tell my tale of annoyance!

I hope nothing like this happens to you.

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2 Responses to “Blizzard Bad Behavior”

  1. Debbie

    I guess asking “Why” is futile. To make you smile I’ll tell you my experience this morning. I was awakened by a FaceTime ring and my precious grandchildren sang happy birthday to me. Their sweet voices made tears run down my face. So I’m glad when I say “Why” this morning, it brings such joy to my heart. ( Now if I walk outside and my car is bashed in, that would really be a buzz kill!)
    It’s supposed to be a glorious day. Hope you can get your yoga feelings back and enjoy!

    • Mary Kate Cranston

      Hi Debbie: What a special way to wake up on your birthday. I love it and it did make me smile. My car was in the shop for a few days and now the mirror is fixed and I am back driving it. Glad to have it over with and I’m not intending to carry it around, letting it stew. Thanks for your support!


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