August 6th, 2014
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What’s the Buzz?

Tara Reid tells us what she learned from talk radio.  4 LGBT refugees discuss why they came to the US.  Find out which “Friends” character should be your roommate.

It’s Buzzfeed where the hottest, most social content on the web lives 24/7.  You know.  All the stuff you want to pass along to your friends. IMMEDIATELY.  To me, Buzzfeed is also a website where you find funny pictures of cats and dogs and read ALL about the latest wacky trends developing in pop culture.

And to get right to it, Buzzfeed’s stories or lists are totally about entertainment, celebrities and news.  But it is definitely not the place where I would expect to read one word about anything that has to do with grief.



So when my son recently sent me a Buzzfeed link to a story about grief feelings I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Instead of reading about Games of Thrones and SnapChat tips, the link took me to 15 raw and anonymous messages Buzzfeed compiled from postings people wrote to Whisper about the loss of a loved one.  By the way, Whisper, is a relatively new online site where people can anonymously share their thoughts about anything with the world at large.  The allure, of course, is the anonymity.

Maybe leaving these grief thoughts in a place where nobody knows you is cathartic.  I can understand that idea and truly hope it helps because some of the messages (see one example pictured below) were downright vulnerable and heartbreaking.  I would think putting such feelings out side of yourself helps to mend the broken thoughts and feelings swirling around within these hearts.

buzzfeed grief

Who knows why people post on Whisper  about their losses and feelings of grief and why Buzzfeed decided to run them on their site?

It seems to me that the the point is people are putting grief feelings out there in unique ways to share and all of this discussion about loss has got to be healthy because I don’t think there is a way to successfully hide from something that will unfortunately happen to all of us at some point in our lives.

Check out the Buzzfeed link below for yourself and if you’d like to comment, let me know what you think:

May love be with them as they grieve and try to heal.


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