October 22nd, 2014
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Photo By Patti Raab Blue Grotto Isle of Capri

Photo By Patti Raab
Blue Grotto Isle of Capri

I find the word healing to be a comforting word.  You know how there are some words that when you say them or read them they just make you feel better, more peaceful?  Well, that’s the way that I feel about the word healing.

When I think about healing, I feel as though I have softly placed a cozy blanket around myself.  Protected.  I could be with someone I care about or I could be by myself.  But when I think about coming to a place of healing I think about using my energy in a different way; almost as though I am powering down my mind and my body to a place of quiet.

To place where I can rest and restore my inner self.

The loss of a loved one and traumatic life changes can be devastating.  Sometimes it may feel as though you can barely function.  I have found, and others have also told me, that time that was spent quietly helped them tune into into their core creativity.  The absence of noise allowed them to search for something that helped them process their raw feelings of grief.  Some people take up gardening, knitting, painting, writing a journal or cooking.

Doing creative and unstructured activities can be distracting and therapeutic as they require patience and sometimes spontaneity; they let our minds go to another place as our souls mend themselves.

Find something that matters to you.  It will help you believe in yourself again and it may reveal a new and interesting path.

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2 Responses to “Creative Healing”

  1. Patti

    Dear Mary Kate, What a beautiful message today on healing. Thank you! Your blog is always inspirational ! xoxo


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