March 28th, 2012
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Today is my Dad’s 85th birthday and I wish him the happiest of birthdays!!  He is the best Dad in the whole world!!

I love him very much and respect what he has done in his life.  He adores the beach and fishing and hanging out near the water.  Today he is spending the day down on Chesapeake Bay with my brothers and I know they will have a blast because they’ll eat and do everything guys like to do.

He is quite a wonderful character (you never know what the mail will bring) and a great Dad who once held down three jobs to provide for our Mom and six children.  Not many people can juggle three jobs, let alone find the energy to do three jobs.  Underneath all of that hard work is a kind and generous man with a sweet soul.
He is sentimental to a fault and tears up (almost every time) he hears the song “Danny Boy.” Yes, Dad, we know you want to go back to Ireland.
I am very lucky to have him in my life and I know my siblings definitely feel the same way!
Happy Birthday Dad!!! XO
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