May 17th, 2014
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I write today from a new platform.

This Word Press platform is still under construction because I am essentially doing it all by myself.  Every day, I work on the content and try to bring it up to date.  It may not appear that I am doing anything to change the look of Cry Laugh Heal but please be assured that I am.

I am not a person who runs from challenges but I must admit that this challenge has been more than I expected.  There may have been a way to prevent some of the issues I am tackling but I haven’t discovered what they would be.

Essentially when I transferred Cry Laugh Heal from blogger to Word Press, the tags of my post became categories and now I have to go into each post and un-categorize the specific words.  I have tried other options but they have not worked.

I hope you will remain patient with me.

I remind myself that getting through truly difficult times is a matter of persistence and when I get to the other side of this problem, I will have a sense of achievement in learning something new.




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