September 1st, 2017
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Onetangi Beach, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

How many ways can you say HOLIDAY WEEKEND?!?!?!?!

I am soooooo happy today to be on the cusp of Labor Day weekend, a very welcome three-day break from the grind of work.

I plan to have a long relaxing lunch with a wonderful friend on Saturday and then on Sunday go to another great friend’s house for a delicious seafood dinner with lots of homemade classic sides such as cole slaw and potato salad.

Double Yummmmm.  I’m already picturing the food in my mind and getting hungry.

I hope you have some fun plans for yourself and your buds or maybe you are looking to chill and have lots of down time.  At the same time, I am mindful of the sad news from Houston and Louisiana and hope that we have seen the last of Hurricane Harvey and any other tropical storms for a long time.

Every since Hurricane Harvey touched down in Houston last Friday, my family has been in constant communication with our relatives in Texas who live in a Houston suburb.  They are safe now but earlier this week we weren’t sure which way it was going to go.  They were evacuated from their house early on Tuesday morning and piled kids and neighbors into a Honda Pilot and hit the road in search of San Antonio.  We are grateful they found safety in San Antonio and as of now I think their house has not been flooded.

Unfortunately, not all families in the Houston and Louisiana area have found safety and my heart goes out to the family of deceased Houston Police Sgt. Steve Perez who tragically drowned in the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey.  Another of my relatives served with Sgt. Perez in the Houston police department and this sad news struck them hard.  Every day the stories and pictures of people reaching out to help one another in this time of turmoil has been emotional and amazing.

While watching these stressful events on the television news, I found that constantly listening to the updates began to feel overwhelming.  I needed a mental break and turned my attention to my coloring books in search of some relief.  Coloring the templates was calming and after awhile I found myself lost in the designs of the pages, letting my creative instincts take me where they wanted.  If I didn’t have the template, I have no idea what my art would look like!

On a lighter note, I posted below a few examples of my masterful (haha) art work.

I hope this upcoming holiday weekend allows you to calm some of your worrisome thoughts and find a fresh perspective on life in general.

May the bumps on your road become easier to figure out and much more manageable!

Coloring 2Coloring 1Coloring 3
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