February 14th, 2015
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Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope love and romance totally fill your day!

For those whose sweetheart is no longer with them, I send you hugs and hope that great memories of your time together may warm or mend your precious heart.

For myself, no romance or flowers are in sight today (maybe next year!), so I intend to have a good time and in that spirit, this post falls into the category of laughing at life, enjoying what I have and focusing on something else associated with Valentine’s Day: chocolate!

coco hearts

Chocolate is healing?  Check.

Chocolate is therapeutic? Check.

Chocolate makes someone or something healthy or well again? Check.

Chocolate returns someone to a sound state?  Check.

Yes! Yes! Yes!  Chocolate is part of a chemical process that restores soundness back to the mind and body.

Did you know that over 50 percent of Americans will spend money today on chocolates and other sweets that they will buy either for someone else or for themselves, and most of it is bought in the quest for love or at least a little like.

I remember when I was in elementary school, all I wanted for Valentine’s Day was for the current cute boy that I liked at the time to give me one of those big tacky heart shaped boxes that you find in the drugstore that are filled with all sorts of chocolates wrapped in different colored foils and have pink, red and white ribbons and flowers on the lid.  The connection between chocolate and true love was not lost on me even at a young age!  I got it right away!

I have loved chocolate from the moment I tasted my first M&M.  I am not kidding.  Also, I am not snobby about chocolate at all! It doesn’t have to be European or organic.  Whether chocolate is melted over ice cream, dripped over a strawberry or wrapped inside one of my favorite candies, it’s just the best flavor ever!

One of my favorite birthday cakes was one made by my mother.  She decided she was going to pull out all of the so-called chocolate stops on me and she spent a lot of time in the kitchen baking me a four layer chocolate cake.  Inside each layer of the chocolate cake were chocolate chips, not the mini kind, but the full sized chocolate chip cookie size.  Then, each layer had chocolate icing and on top of the icing were chocolate shavings.  It was heaven!!

I think I am safe in saying that chocolate definitely has magical healing powers because why else would I have a craving for it every time I feel stressed out?  Chocolate always makes me feel better even though I know it’s full of sugar and therefore not good for me at all.

However, I can’t get around the lure of chocolate today and have decided it will be a spoil-myself with chocolate kind of day!

chocolate box

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