September 18th, 2012
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Apologizing strengthens friendships
I recently received a card in the mail and I recognized the handwriting right away so I knew before I opened the envelope who the card was from.
What I didn’t know was why the card was being sent to me since it wasn’t my birthday and I hadn’t won the lottery so I knew it wasn’t mailed to congratulate me on anything that had happened in my life.
I opened the card and read the handwritten words and was surprised and touched!  The card was an apology for something that had happened between us many years ago.I think people underestimate the power of saying “I’m sorry.”  They may only be two little words but they truly pack a punch when delivered with sincerity.  I never ever expected that I would receive an apology about our disagreement and so I eventually made peace with what happened and worked very hard to put it behind me.
Life is too short to hold on to negative feelings.  I’m not saying I was okay with it and everything was smoothed over within a week’s time, but eventually I was able to move forward.  There was no point in holding on to bad feelings towards this person because I see this person a lot and I also knew that she didn’t maliciously set out to hurt me.
We all make mistakes and mess up.  I know because I do it a lot.  A lot!  We live in stressful times and we are all human and sometimes we don’t use the best judgement.
Life is about happiness and hurts and friendship and love and also respecting each other’s feelings.  That is why receiving this card was so wonderful! With this one card and it’s beautiful sentiments, everything else fell away and a new chapter in our friendship started.
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