February 5th, 2014
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The social media giant, Facebook, marked its tenth anniversary yesterday.
Big deal, you say?  It’s just a place for people to go online and post the silly and sometimes significant happenings of their life?
Yes.  That’s exactly it.
Facebook is the world’s largest social network, connecting 1.23 billion people to each other and Kimmy Kirkwood is especially grateful that on Facebook she can find a priceless record of pictures and status updates she had with the love of her life, a Marine named Will Stacey.
Kimmy Kirkwood and Will Stacey
Photo Courtesy of Kimmy Kirkwood
Here’s a classic Will Stacey posting to Kimmy Kirkwood: “Regardless, I continue to love you like a fat kid loves cake.”
Come on.  Who could resist such a romantic thought, right?
Kirkwood and Stacey planned to marry but in the last year of Stacey’s deployment to Afghanistan in January 2012, he was tragically killed by an explosive device while on patrol.
Facebook has changed forever the way that people around the world stay in touch with each other but more significantly it has also changed the way that people grieve and remember the precious time they spent with their loved ones.
“Sometimes when I am lonely, I go back and read everything he sent me,” Kimmy writes.  “I didn’t think about it much then, but having it all in one place took on a complete new meaning when I lost Will forever.”
Here is the sweet story of Kimmy Kirkwood and Will Stacey that was featured on BuzzFeed:



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