July 7th, 2014
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Music can be an unexpected source of strength.

Athletes use songs and soundtracks to help them focus prior to competition.  It’s pretty common to see athletes staring straight ahead in the locker room with their ear buds in place or warming up with ear buds and you know that whatever they are listening to is helping them get into some kind of a performance zone, taking them to a place where they can block out unnecessary thoughts and noise.

I know that when I go for a walk or a run or a combination of the two, that listening to music helps me go a longer distance and it also helps me push through some of the steep hills that I would rather avoid.  Something in the singer’s voice or the blending and arrangement of lyrics, musical instruments and notes triggers an inner kick causing you to feel an emotional boost when you hear a particular song.

And then there are songs that are just hopeful and make you feel that things will get better.


Charli XCX

Charli XCX

Since it’s the Monday after a long glorious holiday weekend, I definitely need some help getting myself in gear for a new week and I think “Boom Clap,” the popular song by Charli XCX that is featured in the new movie, “The Fault In Our Stars,” is going to do the trick for me.

Here goes:

Boom Clap



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