July 5th, 2012
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Nuns on The Bus
Independence of thought and action is what we celebrated yesterday on the Fourth of July and in keeping with that theme, I can’t think of a more unique group of Americans who just finished traveling the country expressing their independent thoughts than the “Nuns on the Bus.”

In case you missed this campaign that held its final rally yesterday, the Nuns on the Bus are a group of Catholic nuns who started a  two-week, 2,700 mile tour of the United States on June 18 to speak out against the Republican federal budget proposal put forth by Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin which the nuns say favors wealthy Americans at the expense of poor families.

 Led by Sister Simone Campbell, the nuns visited shelters, food pantries and community centers as wells as congressional offices to bring attention to social justice issues and  get the public to join them in their protest the House Republican budget.  Ryan has defended his budget cuts by saying the cuts were influenced by his Catholic faith.”Many politicians offer deeply flawed theological justifications for the federal budget,” Campbell said.  “They ought to get some theological help.”
These days it is a bit unusual to even see a nun.  Nuns today are on society’s frontlines.  If you do see a nun, she is usually in a school or a hospital, assisting in ways to strengthen her community.  When I was growing up there were lots of nuns and all of my friends and myself briefly thought about becoming a nun and then quickly abandoned the idea.

You would think that the Vatican would be pleased with their work for the common good but instead the Vatican recently issued a report criticizing their involvement in social justice issues and concluded that the nuns should be spending more time on preventing abortions and same-sex marriage.

Hmmmmmmm…………My point about these nuns is that they are not afraid to speak up for themselves and give their point of view.

Your point of view, your thoughts and feelings with regard to renewing your life after the loss of a loved one is also important.  There is no exact timetable for how you handle your grief.  Coping with grief can involve many courses of action.  But you are in the process of rebuilding your life because it has drastically changed.

In experiencing the rebuilding of your life without your loved one, you are forging a new independence and it can sometimes be frightening.  Take life one day at a time and if you are starting to feel helpless, then reach out to someone you trust.

You are trying to redefine who you are because you lost the role that you had when your loved one was still alive and that can take time.

How should you spend that time?  Perhaps take some inspiration from the nuns and offer a helping hand to someone in need, and in offering assistance and support, you are also helping yourself by jumping back into life.

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