April 7th, 2014
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I love farmer’s markets.
Everything about them fascinates me.  I slow down and totally lose track of time as I enjoy walking from vendor to vendor and talking to each one of them about the unique products they are selling whether it’s veggies, fruits, honey, cheeses, breads, soaps or food being cooked to order.
Yesterday it truly felt as if the weather had turned a corner and while it was a bit chilly the sun was bright and increasingly warm as the day progressed.  People with their children and dogs and friends and neighbors strolled and chatted each other up at the weekly farmer’s market held in the Palisades section of Northwest Washington, DC.
Everybody was just so darn happy to be outside and enjoying the nicer weather!  You could feel the relief in the easy manner of people greeting each other and the slower pace of checking out the market’s wares whether it was sampling apples, biscotti, or asking questions about the young herb plants.
It’s kind of similar to everyone having their own lemonade stand and making a go of it with their best products whatever that might be.  Making time for activities you enjoy can be one of the steps you take when rebuilding your life after a loss.  For me, farmer’s markets create a healing feeling.  They reinforce for me that we are part of a larger community focused on being supportive and giving back.  Creating extra special karma if you will.
That might sound kind of fruit and nutty to you but I like the idea of people making things with their hands whether it is farming or sewing or jewelry and then coming together to share their talents.
People selling at farmer’s markets always take a lot of pride in what they’ve made and much of what is sold at farmer’s markets is organic or at least pretty close to it and I feel I’m doing my body and brain a favor when I buy healthier more natural foods that are closer to the sources of where they were grown and in my small way I’m also helping an entrepreneur who is trying to run a small business.

I was especially happy to find a vendor selling peach blossoms which are some of my favorite blooms to have in the house during spring and I also bought a few young lettuce plants for myself.


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