July 13th, 2017
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Macklemore and his Grandmother Celebrating Her 100th Birthday

Hi There My Resilient Friends!

If you are searching for something that’s just downright sweet and awesome, then you have stop what you are doing right now and  watch this new video from Grammy Award winning Hip Hop artist Macklemore.

These days, it can feel more and more as though we are living in complicated, confusing times.

But Macklemore reminds us in this new video — that he affectionately filmed with his grandmother who is celebrating her 100th birthday — that life is all about one basic emotion and that is: L.O.V.E. with a great big red heart around it.

The bond between Macklemore and his grandmother is sooo precious and I think you will grab for the nearest box of tissues when you hear the song that he wrote for her.

Find the time to spend with someone in your life who is incredibly important to you.

Go out and have some fun! Be ridiculous!

As the saying goes, no one on their death bed wished they had spent more time at work. RIGHT?

So go out there and seize the day by doing something that you have been wishing you had the time to do.  Call somebody and reminisce about times gone by or make plans today to get together.

Life can get hectic.  So slow it down and cherish your loved ones.

Enjoy this wonderful slice of life and check out the fabulous and sometimes hilarious Macklemore video right here:


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