June 12th, 2013
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Academy of the Holy Cross
Yearbook 1972
Making friends for the world to see
Let the people know you got what you need
           ~ Elton John

Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to catch up and renew friendships with two women who went to high school with me.

Both women are incredibly talented and very smart: one is an internationally respected sculptor and the other is a retired teacher/photographer. They both look great and we easily fell back into conversation about our lives since high school graduation which was (unbelievably!) many decades ago.

We lost track of each other as our lives went in different directions after high school but to connect again now as adults and tell each other our stories is an interesting and healing process.   I think it’s pretty normal to temporarily lose contact with people you went to high school with because your focus on starting a career and a family changes from not having either in high school to wanting both when you graduate from college.I think it’s fair to say that in your twenties and thirties you are focusing on what is emotionally important to you.  It’s not that you forget about the friends you made in high school, because I did think about them and wondered what had happened to them; I think it’s more that life calls you to try different things and see different places in the world and you slowly lose track of what is happening to those people you used to see almost every day for four years.  If Facebook or Twitter had been around when we were in high school or college, I think it would have been a no brainer for us to maintain contact.In my teenage enthusiasm for having a good time, I don’t think I paid full attention to what was really going on with people I went to school with.  Looking back now, I see many serious issues that were happening to all of us but we never addressed them unless it reached a crisis point such as your parents getting a divorce.  Today, I understand it a lot better and truly appreciate the strength, wisdom and patience it takes to change and grow after life throws you some curve balls you weren’t expecting.But I digress.  Saturday with my high school friends was all about fun and sharing.  It was about appreciating each other’s talents and life experiences and supporting each other as we are right now at this stage of our lives.

In the car on the way to Annapolis, I listened to my friend talk about her love of photography and how she recently started a blog, which of course I found exciting.  I have seen her pictures, and even if I didn’t know her, I know I would be drawn to them.  The composition of her photography is thoughtful and when gazing at her pictures your eyes don’t want to leave what they are seeing.  She photographs all kinds of beach landscapes, general scenic pictures and pictures of people in spontaneous situations.

Our reunion took place at the Maryland House, in Annapolis, where our other friend’s incredible sculptures were on exhibit.  Her art is truly beautiful and inspiring and I learned a lot about how her marble pieces, both large and small, came to be.  It is truly a gift to be with the artist and their art at the same time.  I took some pictures and I will be sharing them in a future post because I want to tell you more about the organic nature of her sculptures.

Later when we went to a restaurant for dinner with others, I sat and listened to my friends and thought about each of us and our winding life journeys and how we ended up coming together.  We each handled challenges yet were resilient and persevered on and found our passions.

Life works in funny ways and when I have days like this, I wouldn’t change one bit of it.

Please check out my friends’ art in these links below.  I think you’re going to love it as much as I do!

http://weathereyefocus.com/ (photography)

http://cmsculpture.com/ (sculpture)

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2 Responses to “Renewing Friendships”

  1. Kathryn Eszeki

    One of the very satisfying and enjoyable parts of this new life stage is reconnecting with people I knew decades ago. Some folks were good friends who went off in other directions pursuing individual dreams and goals. We’ve been lucky enough to circle back to each other with a mature fondness and appreciation for each other.
    Some reconnections have been with those who were mere acquaintances back in the day but who probably would have been friends if not for being in different circle of friends.
    Mary Kate, thanks for sharing this real life example of how great these reconnections can be. The hard work comes as we try to maintain the momentum and effort to sustain these reconnections.


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