Street Sense

August 24th, 2012
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Martin Walker
While buying produce today at the FRESHFarm market near the White House, I met a homeless man named Martin, who was selling newspapers and waiting to go to a drug and alcohol treatment program in West Virginia.
I had seen Martin on previous trips to the market but didn’t say more than “Hi!” or smile at him.  Today, I bought a newspaper from him and we started talking.  Martin told me that as a vendor for Street Sense newspapers he is similiar to a self-employed subcontractor.  That means that when I buy a newspaper I am investing in … Read More

Mad Men

March 26th, 2012
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The season premiere of “Mad Men” airs tonight and I can hardly wait.  It is my favorite television show and I am very curious to see where creator Matthew Weiner takes the fabulous characters who work at the New York City ad agency of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Watching “Mad Men” is like opening up a time capsule and immersing yourself in all of the sophistication, controversy and change of the 1960’s. The writing is suberb and from the moment you step in to the offices of Sterling Cooper you know you are in for a great time of it. … Read More

Whitney Houston

February 13th, 2012
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Whitney Houston & her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Whenever I hear Whitney Houston’s version of the song, “I’m Every Woman,” I feel better. It has everything to do with the way Whitney Houston’s fabulous voice sounds when she sings this song.  It’s not exactly about the lyrics, it’s more about the melody and where she magically takes it.  Even though Chaka Khan recorded the original version of the song and I loved it, Whitney Houston brought something extra to “I’m Every Woman” that can’t be described. Chaka is definitely funky but Whitney is powerful. Over and over as her colleagues in… Read More

Amy Winehouse

July 25th, 2011
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Amy Winehouse was with us for only 27 years.  But in that short time her artistic flame burned hot and bright even as she continually battled for control over her addiction to drugs and alcohol. Artistically she broke new ground, writing and recording bluesy, hard-rocking songs addressing heartbreak and her self-destructive lifestyle.  Yet for her family and millions of fans, there was always the hope that she would turn things around and bring her demons under control. Very sadly, that was not to be and we are left with the gift of her incredible music.  One of my favorites from… Read More