February 13th, 2012
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Whitney Houston & her daughter, Bobbi Kristina

Whenever I hear Whitney Houston’s version of the song, “I’m Every Woman,” I feel better.

It has everything to do with the way Whitney Houston’s fabulous voice sounds when she sings this song.  It’s not exactly about the lyrics, it’s more about the melody and where she magically takes it.  Even though Chaka Khan recorded the original version of the song and I loved it, Whitney Houston brought something extra to “I’m Every Woman” that can’t be described.

Chaka is definitely funky but Whitney is powerful.

Over and over as her colleagues in the music industry were asked today to comment on Whitney Houston’s sudden and tragic death on Saturday, February 11, the answer would be, “That voice.” or “What a voice.”  It’s so true.

We can never know the pressures and insecurities that brought her to drugs but recently, after her divorce from bad boy hip hop star Bobby Brown, she seemed determined to rehab herself and get her life back on track.  We were all rooting for her and wanted her to come back to being her old amazing self.

But that was not to be even as she arrived last week in Los Angeles to attend the Grammy awards and wrapped up her latest acting and singing project in the soon-to-be released movie, “Sparkle.”

Oh Whitney, 48 years was not enough!  You will be missed but I will always remember you this way:

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