January 3rd, 2014
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Wow! This time the weather forecasters were right.
We got covered in snow in Washington, DC.
Many, many times, snow is forecast for our part of the world and then nothing shows up.  The Washington, DC region is a strange weather pocket that seems to create it’s own kind of weather which can be that sometimes the air is just not cold enough and the forecasted winter storms come close to us but then miss us.
The weather forecast misses wouldn’t be so bad but the local news media hype of what is expected to come our way that always accompanies these weather forecast is what can be the most annoying.
These forecasts usually cause people to rush to the grocery stores to grab all kinds of stuff because they think they may be socked in their houses for days.  Bread, milk, toilet paper and bottled water are usually the first things to disappear from the shelves.
But this time they were right.  And on top of the snow, the weather people are also saying that today we will get hit with some pretty strong winds.  So check in with your neighbors and see how they are doing and let’s be careful out there!

Here’s a view of what my neighborhood looks like:


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