May 5th, 2015
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Hi there Resilient Readers:

I’ve been off the grid for a while and am happy to be back.  I needed to take a bit of break but I missed you A LOT and hope your life is currently full of some magical mixture of love, laughter and vibrant health.

While I have been juggling some challenging issues affecting my family and friends, it has pushed me into having some spirited conversations and lots of quiet thought about what really makes life go ’round.

I think it pretty much comes down to five things, and for me, the following five things are the ones I come back to again and again as core beliefs that restore and heal my ever lovin’ soul.  Let’s start:


1.  Money.  I know a handful of people who are more than comfortable and have no money worries AT ALL but they are not very happy.  Not one of their stocks or bonds or investment funds has brought them a sense of fulfillment.  Sad right?  It’s hard to believe that this is true because when you don’t have money you think having lots of money will solve all of your problems and make you glowing with happiness.  But it doesn’t work that way.  In the end, having an overflowing bank account just doesn’t equate with a soaring heart overflowing with love and optimism and kindness.

2.  Good Health.  If you are healthy, you are one lucky person.  Please continue to take care of yourself and never take your good health for granted for you don’t know when it might be snatched away.  Fight for your good health and protect it with fresh fruits and veggies.  If you have a health habit you don’t like, just remember it’s almost never too late to decide to change your lifestyle.  Your body and mind will definitely thank you for it.

3. Deep Faith.  I do believe there is a reason why we were put here into this chaotic and mysterious world and each one of has a purpose.  No matter what your religion or spiritual beliefs, commit to the power of prayer and a higher being for these are among the essentials to getting on a path of personal fulfillment and inner peace.

President Barack Obama and Pope Francis

4. Family and Friends.  I put these two powerful categories together because for many people their friends are their family and/or their family is made up of their friends.  These are the trusted people who help us through dark times, laugh with us when we act foolishly, and constantly love us for who we are.  That’s what life is about after all: learning to love and to also let love in.

5. And last but not least:  a Sense of Humor.  OMG did you laugh today?  I hope so!  Didn’t it feel great?  Being able to laugh at myself and my crazy life has helped me survive some of the most unbelievable things that life has thrown my way.  Among my siblings, we laugh at things that I’m sure no one else would think of as funny but it works for us.  And a good laugh relieves our daily stresses and helps us feel that we can put something sad, awful or ridiculous behind us and carry on!

Here’s to having a great day! You deserve it!

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