April 1st, 2013
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All of my friends are gifts.
Friendships, no matter what your age, are healing and can help you maintain your mental balance.   Friends connect you to the dynamics of life and all it has to give.  Friends keep me going and remind me what life is truly about.  Hashing the ups and down of life cements my friendships, for they help me try to make sense — or least laugh — at what has happed to me or to them.
It’s always great to make new friends but there is something about the chemistry of an old friendship that is fascinating to me.  Friends who have known each other for years can be similiar to a good marriage: they can finish each other’s sentences, they let go of the things that don’t matter and they just enjoy the company of each other.
Check out these two older gents who have a great friendship.  All I can say is I love their attitude towards life and they are a riot:
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