April 9th, 2013
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This is how the weather works in Washington, DC:  a few days ago I was bundled up in a winter coat and wishing the sharp, chilly wind would die down.  Today, I am walking around the city without a coat and feeling so warm I wish I had shorts and flip flops on.
The temperatures in the nation’s capital may turn on a dime but it doesn’t affect the beauty of the city.
And now that it is warmer, I’m taking full advantage of all it’s splendor.Spring in Washington, DC is when you can see the city at its best.  And spending time outdoors in the city right now is so healing.  It is truly a form of stress relief!
Japanese cherry trees in full bloom near the Jefferson Memorial
Between the airy and tranquil blooms of the cherry blossom trees surrounding the Tidal Basin, the bright and cheery daffodils popping out of the grass in the various parks around the city and on the hills of Rock Creek park and the brightly colored tulips spilling over the sidewalk planters; it’s hard not to take a deep breath and say, “Finally! Spring is here for sure this time and it feels great!”
Being outside in nature makes people instantly feel more alive.  The warmth of the sun on your skin, breathing fresh air in deeply and just looking at natural scenes activates the happy parts of my brain and give me a burst of hopefulness and relaxation.
I hope you are able today to go outside and connect to the natural world around you.
I bet you’ll feel energized!
Closeup of Cherry Blossoms


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