March 21st, 2014
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Something as simple as the day of the week can make me happy.
I didn’t even work five days this week because Washington, DC got so much snow on Monday that the federal government shut down, the buses weren’t running and just like that, I had the day off.
Still, today is Friday and that feels soooooo great!  The grind of this week is almost over and the weekend is within sight.
Friday evening is one of the best feelings in the world, don’t you think?
You’ve just finished working through one work week and now the whole incredible weekend is in front of you.  Have you ever noticed how happy everyone is on Friday evening when they are leaving their offices?It’s as though the principal rang the bell at school and announced “Recess!” I swear if I could bottle that Friday evening feeling I would make a ton of money.

So embrace your fabulous Friday feeling and, better still, keep it going as long as possible.  Maybe you have plans to do something today you wouldn’t do on any other day of the week!  Lighten up and spend some time playing.

Friday.  As Pharrell Williams sings in his infectious hit song, “Happy,” I feel like a room without a roof. . . .



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