October 19th, 2012
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I have written previously about angels and particularly about a book my aunt gave me titled, Angel Letters,” by Sophy Burnham.  From time to time, I read this book because I find it comforting and it puts life into perspective for me.
There are a number of stories that I tend to re-read when I am stressed or confused about life and this short story is one in particular that always takes my breath away:
In April 1990 Sophy Burnham was being interviewed about her book on WOR-Radio in New York.  She was being interviewed by Gil Gross and as they took calls and discussed the subject of angels, Gross told the following story about a young couple who had one little girl and a new baby:
“The little girl wanted to be left alone with the baby, but the parents were afraid.  They had heard of jealous children hitting new siblings, and they didn’t want the baby hurt.
 ‘No, no,’ they said.  And, ‘Not yet.’
And also: ‘Why do you want to be with him?  What are you going to do?’
‘Nothing.  I just want to be with him.’
She begged for days.  She was so insistent that the parents finally agreed.  There was an intercom in the baby’s room.  They decided that they could listen, and if the baby cried, if the little girl hit the baby, they could rush into the room and snatch the infant up.
So, the little girl went in, approached the crib.  Alone.  She came up to the newborn baby, and over the intercom they heard her whisper:

‘Tell me about God.  I’m forgetting.’ ”


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