September 7th, 2011
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A good friend of mine recently introduced me to Gospel Star Marvin Sapp and his daily spiritual insights called “Marvin’s Motivational Moment.” 

Family, jobs, personal interests and personal predicaments.  The combination of all these factors leads to us living in a rushed and complex world that can easily be stressful and overwhelming.  That gives us all the more reason to stake out personal time to evaluate what’s happening and regroup; to take stock of what’s happening to us, and I mean REALLY happening to us, instead of making our usual schedules of endless commitments and appointments as our top priority.

After all, who is in charge of our lives? 

When I asked myself that question I started thinking about the way I communicate with family and friends.  I love the immediacy of texting and also being able to contact family and friends any time of the day or night through emails and Facebook but after awhile it feels hollow and if I throw a couple of weeks of busybusybusy in there then I really start to feel out of touch with the people I care about.  If I can, I need to actually see the person or at least hear their voice to feel as though I’m reconnecting with them and then when that happens I begin to feel as though we are in the same galaxy.  

Electronic interactions are great for the quick message, the fast update but not if you are in the mood for or in need of a heart-to-heart conversation.  That’s why the following Motivational Moment from Marvin made me stop and really think about people in an entirely different way:

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
So handle them with care.”
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