April 12th, 2012
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My son came home from college for a brief Easter break and happily it caused a shift in my outlook.

For me, the take away message of his visit is all about the importance of having a positive attitude.  Maybe it’s young energy or maybe it’s because he has a smaller plate of responsibilities than I do but my son has a wonderful tendency to find happiness in many things.  Just by being around him, I am reminded that being positive makes living a lot easier.

Do you think that sounds obvious?  Maybe so.  But if being positive is so obvious then why am I not surrounded, enveloped and overwhelmed by positive people?  I wish being positive was obvious and pervasive and something that came naturally to everyone.

I am not a negative person but I am a realistic person.  I can also be an incredibly silly person; sometimes in situations when I shouldn’t be.  When I am practicing my realism, it may sound as if I am purposely looking on the lesser side of a situation but that’s not my goal.  I am usually drawing from my years of experience which can be hard to ignore.

But this past weekend, I let my son lead the way in some family situations and even though I didn’t really want to do some of the things he suggested, I did them.  And I found out that by doing them it got me out of my usual way of looking at things and changed the way I use my time.

I also found that if you look for the best, sometimes you find it!  Sometimes when you know you have to attend a gathering of some sort, you think you know what’s going to happen.  But that’s not always the case.  Being positive that it will turn out okay helps you going in to the event and can actually help you handle it in a lighter manner.

It was refreshing and I’m glad that it happened.

It’s wonderful when you learn something from your child!


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