August 8th, 2013
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I am an early riser.  I find the morning to be peaceful and so quiet.  I use my morning time to collect my thoughts about what I think is going to happen during that particular day and pray for other things that I hope will happen.
So the morning is when a lot happens for me.  With my trusty cups of hot tea, I appreciate the solitude of the wee early hours of the day.  Quiet allows me to think and to breathe and pull myself together.
I am always writing down blog ideas and collecting different points of view on the subjects of resilience, rebuilding a new life and grief but the morning is usually when I actually post my thoughts.  I try to write whenever I get the chance so I don’t lose my ideas, but that is sometimes difficult because I also have a full-time job that I work during the day.
You may not be a morning person but perhaps you find quiet for yourself at other times of the day.  Try to spend some quiet time with your thoughts because we all  need time to reflect on what is happening or not happening in our lives.
Short periods of time spent in solitude can be a good thing.
By Garnett Ann Schultz
The sighing wind so slowly passed
Across the rolling seas,
It climbed the hill and came to rest
Among the stately trees,
Each nodding flower nestled there
Within the morning light,
Protected by the still of dawn
As darkness crept from sight.
The golden sun came stealing through
And lingered on the breeze,
As nature loaned an added charm,
A gentle little tease,
The dew that sparkled on the grass
The quiet, oh, so dear,
Within the tender arms of Spring
A peacefulness and cheer.
No sound within the forest glade
But that of singing birds,
A music sweet upon the air-
No human voice is heard,
Just Mother Nature lingers there
A carefree, happy mood,
The world in quietness supreme
God’s wondrous solitude.
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