November 29th, 2012
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A Road in County Kerry, Ireland
I am comfortable with the fact that part of achieving something in life means taking a risk.  I’m not talking about a risk to your personal safety or health but an action that is out of your usual routine and a little out of your comfort zone in your personal or work lives.
I think that living life means that you should take a chance on something you want to achieve.  I am watching four extremely talented people in my life right now who are really putting themselves out there and working creatively as well as very hard to accomplish something very big for themselves and it’s exciting to watch.
But taking chances, on occasion, means that you also need to be prepared for the idea that it might not work out.  That can be okay because I would rather take a chance and find out what happens when I roll the dice on a dream than not take a chance at all.
I feel it’s better to look at the information you have, access the risk, and go for it rather than look back later and regret that you didn’t try something different or new.
We all suffer setbacks now and then.  That’s life.  The setbacks help us appreciate our triumphs and the hard work, imagination and support that what went into achieving them.
Think about what is really important to you and go from there.
Find what is right for you. . . .
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