May 31st, 2013
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One of the items on my so-called bucket list actually happened and I still pinch myself about the experience.
After watching Saturday Night Live on television for many, many years, I finally got to go to a LIVE SHOW!!  THANK YOU EMILY!!!!!  It was fascinating, it was great fun, it was high energy, it was pure entertainment!It was everything I ever thought it would be and more!!!  Talk about kick down the door, put yourself out there, over-the-top creativity!!

I could go on and on about the skits, the people, the host, the musical entertainment but then this post would be about SNL’s content and there is really nothing to debate about SNL’s content.  It’s just the best!!!!

Bill Hader Playing Stefon
Instead, I would like to talk about what I learned from my SNL experience.  What I learned, no really what I soaked in from this live television experience, is that even though you might be scared out of your mind (Or Not), taking a risk is something everyone should do.
Find out something new about yourself.
How will you know if something will work if you don’t ever try doing it?
When my son comes to me and asks me if he should pursue something, I almost always say, “Yes! Go ahead and try it.  If you don’t, you will always look back and wonder what would have happened if you had done it.”  And I know that regret is not a good feeling.
I also know that risk is a relative term.  Something you consider risky may not be risky to me at all.  But that’s okay.  The point is push yourself, dig down deep and break some new ground for yourself.
Surprise yourself!  But most of, my SNL experience taught me once again the value of being with people you love and just having a good time.
Having a good spontaneous out loud laugh.  Laughing so hard you can’t get your breath.
We have to be able to laugh at ourselves and at life’s humorous situations.
Laughter is very powerful medicine and here’s a dose that should make you feel A LOT better; it’s a quick clip of a very popular character — Stefon — played by the incredibly talented Bill Hader:


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